"An Oyster gives us more than rigid lines of hard times and unsmoothed surfaces. It delivers an essence of beauty that each of us hold inside."

- Princess Dior


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Despite many obstacles, such as teenage pregnancy, incarceration, molestation, and domestic abuse, Princess Dior has accomplished a great deal in her life and has always maintained a passion for empowering women and young girls. With over 10 years experience in motivational speaking and numerous years of life experiences, Princess Dior has helped to tackle real life issues. Each one of these issues helped her to discover who she really is. By overcoming sexual abuse, drug abuse, low self-esteem and other barriers that stood in her way, she found that she resemebled an oyster with a beautiful pearl on the inside.  

Feeling the need to take a stand and help others, Princess took to doing what she knew best, telling her life story. Through motivational speaking and presenting workshops to young girls and women, she quickly developed P.E.A.R.L.S. (Phenomenal Educational Aware Real Loving And Strong). A six week program that was designed for the future generation of women who are seeking guidance within their lives. This program breaks down your past and helps to build your future by encouraging young girls and women to become who they are and what they want to be. 


Princess knew that if she could become an MC, host, Spoken Word Poet, Author and Success Coach, then there should be nothing stopping other women. Now featured in numerous news articles, radio shows and magazines; including EBONY, Princess knew that she could help others. Being a survivor herself, her blessings came when she met one person that gave her the opportunity to know exactly what she wanted to do with her life; Lorna Owens. Speaking on her show and the for the Women Gather, Princess became an aspiring author and she felt that she could now conquer all other fears and become a successful woman. 

Princess Dior feels in life we all have struggles, downfalls and barriers that try to prevent us from our destiny, but she challenges you today to make a conscious decision to get up & not give in. Despite all she has been through and will continue to go through, her trials and the Holy Spirit has given her the wisdom knowledge and understanding to pull another woman out and through the fire.


So join Princess Dior as she brings to you P.E.A.R.L.S 


Some often ask Princess why PEARLS? Simply replying to all,


"Were does a pearl come from? An oyster think about it, when that oyster is in the bottom of that ocean, dirty all type of things tied around it. It seems hopeless right? But when that helper comes to catch that oyster and cleans it up and opens it,  WOW how its shines."