The Alexandrea Jones Foundation was established in 2009. With the mission of reinforcing positive values and encouraging mothers of at-risk girls to resist social pressures, we strive on creating a fierce adventure of self-esteem building through counseling sessions. Adding a creative yet eye-opening experience for the mothers and daughters, our extensive curriculum offers them a new meaning of self-discovery.


Founded in 2009 by Princess Dior; a loving mother who was forced to defend her daughter’s rights due to an unjust school system, decided to take a stand by inspiring other mothers and young girls to believe in themselves and take control over their lives. Discovering her mission, Princess launched her first of many programs, Phenomenal Educational Awareness Real Living and Strong (PEARLS). The PEARLS program provides teen girls a sense of establishing leadership and empowerment skills throughout a six-week time frame. During the six-week program of PEARLS, all of the participants will be provided with workshops that provide career development, mentoring, experiential learning opportunities, financial literacy initiatives and community service projects. Preteens and

teens alike will set and achieve the goals of rebuilding their self-esteem, discovering acclimated achievement and prepare for their new lives as entrepreneurs and change-makers of the world.

 In 2012, AJF began seeking more opportunities for young ladies worldwide by transforming into a public charity that honors Alexandrea Jones. On their new mission to inspire and change lives, AJF is seeking to create a larger “Sisterhood” among girls and young women by providing them with resources through partnering community organizations that recognize the social effects on girls and young women. Each of these partnering organizations shall share the initiative to enhance the lives of girls and young women by


helping them to pursue their dreams. Through community activism, dance, film making, leadership, sports, writing, or becoming a young entrepreneur, each of these PEARLS will be redirecting their lives by creating new paths for their futures.  


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