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Your Road To Success Begins Here!

My goal is to help you push pass your past and empower you to.....fulfill your life with greatness and success. I  will share with you strategic ways on how to live a purposed filled life that is already within you. This is YOUR moment! TOGETHER, we will bring out the SUCCESS in you. YOUR journey starts today. 

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Your Past Does Not Determine Your Future!

What Decisions are Keeping You From Purpose and Prosperity?

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As a 34 year old, Estella found herself in a position no one wants to be in, behind bars at a Federal Female Prison. Even worse, Estella couldn't gather the thought of being there- she only knew that she was destined to become more than just another number in the prison system.


Through a combination of prayer, honest self reflection encouraging others; dedication and commitment, Estella stood out from her “identity" as prisoner #17952021 to become one of the world's most well-known motivational speakers, by holding the title, "The Inspirational Conversationalist."


Estella Dior is more than a speaking expert. She is passionate about using her experiences to help others who are lacking direction and purpose. With her talents, she guides others to not only meet their God-given potential but to exceed it!


In “You was Destined To Survive”, you will discover Estella’s story and learn how her lessons and experiences will help transform thousands of lives all around the world. 


....encourage people to figure out their passions because that will lead them to their purpose 



Your Past Doesn't Define Your Future!


I had to inbox you just to say thank you for your video..... I was just sitting in my room staring at a picture of my children debating whether or not I wanted to continue living or take every pill that I have here and hope that they kill me.... I've come to the place that I HATE LIFE, everything about it.... I hate church people and I even hate my family. The only thing that's keeping me sane is this little 5x7 picture of my kids. I've tried everything that I've thought to try to be right with God.... I've tried everything that I thought was right to be a good person and to be what I felt people want me to be and I'm DRAINED.... I have nothing to live for in my opinion except my kids and I feel like they deserve better than me.... I just feel like I'm dying and everyone is just watching..... I know you didn't ask for this story so I'll stop typing now....I just wanted to let you know that I listened to you.

- K. Mullens

Ms. Stella you are very inspiring and empowering and you are always encouraging me to keep going and not give up. 

- Diamond T.

Every since I have known you, you have been uplifting, empowering and your testimony is going to save millions. 

- S. Jackson

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